Fully endorsed as a quality product for the Alaskan Malamute Breed - click to visit - For a Distributor in your area, phone 0860 252 774A major step towards realising these increased health benefits for our dogs is to provide them with an all-natural or holistic diet. Our dogs depend on us to meet all of their nutritional needs. They can't go to the store and purchase their food. Nor can they tell us when their food is not meeting their nutritional requirements, or worse yet, is making them feel bad. The old saying "You are what you eat" is true for people and dogs alike. While a dog might look quite healthy, the dog might actually be in poor condition. Eventually, the dog may show signs that something is awry and a trip to the veterinarian may result in the diagnosis of a serious illness. A healthy routine centred on proper nutrition is key to maintaining the dog's overall good health both inside and out.


All dogs needs exercise regardless of the breed. The Alaskan Malamute is an above-active breed that requires more exercise than most breeds. Regular walks and play sessions in the garden and letting the dog run free in the enclosed garden are all sufficient forms of exercise for your Malamute. Not only is exercise essential to keep the dog's body fit, it is also required for his mental well-being.

A bored dog will find something to do, which often manifests itself in some type of destructive behaviour. In this sense it is also essential for the owner's mental sanity. 


Grooming for a show is more detailed that that required for daily or weekly upkeep,  but all grooming is easier if the dog has a naturally correct coat with a thick undercoat and coarse, but not brittle, guard hairs of proper length. Proper nutrition, regular grooming, and freedom from parasites are essential if you want your Malamute to have a good coat. Nothing compares to the beauty of a healthy, genetic correct coat. A basic grooming routine will help to keep your dog healthy and happy. The Malamute is a natural breed and they should not be altered or artificially changed in any way. To groom your dog you will require; a spray bottle, brushes, combs, nail clippers for dogs, scissors, toothbrush and scaler, dryer, shampoo, self-rinse shampoo and conditioner. Dogs that are brushed regularly will stay fairly clean, still when a dog is dirty , he needs to be bathed.


Your Alaskan Malamute is your valued companion and friend. Accidents can happen that he is separated from you by getting away from you, escaping from your yard etc. Proper identification, including a ID tag with your contact number and possibly a microchip will increase the chances of him being returned to you safely and quickly. Online identification of astray animals. You can have a microchip inserted at your local vet or SPCA.

For more detailed instructions on how to look after and care for your Alaskan Malamute, go to:

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It is vital that your Malamute's diet be properly balanced. You are what you eat! 

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